Grab your autographed copy. Being a mother of 5 beautiful children and the wife to one super amazing husband. I am aware our food experience not only has to be quick, but fulfilling as well. So my goal is just to introduce you to a few of the Ndu’s household favorite cuisines and hopefully you too, are inspired to live a healthier and more nutritionally fulfilled life. In this book you will travel through the ups and downs of being a vegan. From transitioning with your family, overcoming infertility and even making life at school easier for your vegan child. The recipes you will get are designed to tantalize the taste buds of some of the toughest critics while making sure your children are pleased, satisfied and fulfilled to the point of never missing or desiring meat ever again! My goal is to help you survive every aspect of your vegan life. Whether you're just getting started or you've been on this journey for a while, this book will give you a sneak peak into our journey. Showing how my husband transitioned and how we were able to even use our foods to heal our bodies. We believe that for every ailment and disease that has plagued our earth, God has grown a cure. This book will usher you into experiencing the best version of yourself through healthy eating one bite at a time.

A Vegan Mom's Survival Guide Paperback